Vendetta Against Vinzetta

It looks to me that KENS 5 and UTSA Game Day co-host Vinnie Vinzetta has really enjoyed his summer.  Perhaps he went back home to Oklahoma to see family or to Arizona to visit with old friends.  Maybe he went on a beach vacation or backpacking through Europe.  Could be he visited the great city of Chicago, or took a cruise.  I think he also enjoyed his spring too, maybe smelling flowers or hitting up fiesta events through our fine city.  One thing I know he wasn’t doing was following the UTSA story.

Vinnie was hired right before the UTSA season last year and was to help out the KENS 5 sports team, a big part of that to bolster the network’s partnership with the program.  When I saws his piece UTSA: What to expect when you’re expecting greatness on the KENS 5 website I was shocked to learn that this was written by a professional paid to keep up with the squad and not some idiotic blogger (for the record I only consider myself to be an idiot about every other blog post).  What am I talking about?  These entries:

“UTSA plays four non-conference games this year.”

Do they? Let’s see there is only 7 WAC teams so the most conference games they could have is what, 6?  With the 12 game schedule that would have to mean there is 6 non-conference games right?  I guess it would be easy to check:

1. South Alabama
2. Texas A&M- Commerce
3. Georgia State
4. NW Oklahoma State
5. Rice
6. Mcneese State

Okay, yeah thats six.  If a fanatical blogger as myself can list those off the top of his head, certainly an individual who has a job of following Roadrunner football could.  No doubt they would have already analyzed the schedule and researched the competition.

A typo maybe?  No he references the four non-conference games again in the article.

“And after four non-conference games, UTSA plays eight of the next nine weeks in the WAC.  The fellas played ten games last year.  They play twelve this year, eight against D-1 schools – something they’ve never experienced.”

Eight of nine weeks in the WAC?  We already established there are only 7 teams in the WAC.  Who are we playing twice?  I hope one of them is Texas State because that would be an easy road trip.  Perhaps he thinks Rice and Mcneese State are in the WAC?

Eight D-1 schools?  Hmm, I count ten.  Georgia State is an FCS independant and Mcneese State is in FCS Southland.  FCS is division I football.  Had he said FBS, than that would have fit.  Seems silly to fuss over terms, but a pro should get that one right everytime.

So some TV jack ass writes a flawed article on a website, who cares?  Shafer, why are you taking time out of your impressive Saturday night social schedule to type this bitch session up.  Why do you bring this up on Twitter (@shaferCC) and on the best UTSA fan forum.  We all know better, why does it matter?

It matters because guys like this and now Jerry Briggs of the Express News are the distributors of UTSA to the masses.  The so called casual fans and people of San Antonio may only hear from these folks.  It is important that they take the job seriously and be credible.  They are freaking journalist after all, isn’t credibility like the number one thing?  They are to be the expert on these topics, they should know more than the casual fan.  Dan McCarney followed this story.  Dan knew how many teams in the WAC because he was on top the UTSA story.  This offseason, UTSA conference affiliation was the main storyline for the program, and a pretty big one at that.  Anyone following the story would have known the WAC was down to seven football teams and was shakey because of that number.  They would have known who those seven schools were and they wouldn’t have analyzed the schedule in such a horrific matter.  Even if you aren’t out there chasing the story like DM would do, at least read up on it, the data is not hard to find.  Hell, cheat and just read up on the message boards.

There has been some complaints lately about local coverage.  If this is what the local coverage looks like, then I think I will just stick to my regular rounds, primarily this wonderful website.  Someday they will get it, until then continue to expect hearing the hits: Cowboys suck, UT highlights and Tony Parker dating information.  Meanwhile this monster continues to grow in the backyard.  I miss Dan Cook.

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