Veni Vidi Vici, San Marcos! UTSA 80 TxState 75

I’m pretty sure I heard that it was a ___-largest crowd in TxState history. Indeed it was the 4th largest.

I’ll go ahead and take some credit for that. I was part of the rather healthy contingent of UTSA fans who made the trip and enjoyed a a controlled victory over a surprisingly feisty TxState squad.

I had only heard about Strahan Coliseum from others, and only knew of two things: there was a big wall and Curly McButterpants was a superfan.

I am happy to report that both were part of the experience.

Super fan

He did his best to be obnoxious and heckle while also cheering for his squad. My only regret is that I didn’t get close enough to participate because I was doing my best to be funny guy further up in section J.

If you haven’t been to Strahan, know that while not the perfect venue for basketball (that white wall is weird) it does have a decent enough video board (replays!) and lots of ways to see the stats and cool things like that (looking at you , namesake). The layout is good for watching basketball and can accomodate a decent enough crowd (something like 7000+) and when filled with 4K, it looks and sounds like a solid home venue.

So, the question you are all are asking is, Is it Better? Yes. Better than the glorified gym we play in but not as bells and whisltes do not a good team make. Tonight, despite the seemingly constant barrage of three point shots from scrappy, undersized Bobcats I never felt like UTSA was going to lose this one. In fact, that was one of my oft-repeated heckles: “Lead is back to ten!”

A lot of credit goes to the team for not getting frustrated and playing hard despite the little runs TxState would venture off on. As Jared said in the podcast, a win on the road in the Southland isn’t to be taken lightly.

The most disappointing part of our game was our inability to score in transition. For al my love of Kannon Burrage, I hate that he sometimes gets tunnel vision when in transition. Now that I think about it, he sometimes gets a little too selfish when driving to the basket in the half-court, too. When he is scoring like he did in the first ten games or so, it isn’t such a big of a deal. As we go forward and he encounters better defenders and scoring isn’t as easy to do, getting the easiEST buckets is paramount. Tonight we could recover from that because TxState’s defense was so easy to tear apart.

The second most selfish? Melvin Johnson. He doesn’t drive as often but he does find himself in transition often. He really doesn’t have the best handles on the team and should be looking to give the ball up. I’d rather have Mel spotting up than trying drive by the entire team anyway. It really is just a matter of putting people where they are most dangerous.

If we could have converted more of those transition opportunities the game might not have been so close. Still, TxState found themselves hoping they could trade twos for threes at the end. I say “twos” because they were fouling an excellent free throw shooting team.

All in all it was a good win. In a rivalry game on the road with a loud crowd, it was really easy to try to do too much as TxState was dropping three bombs early. Instead, we exploited the terrible Bobcat defense inside and Jeromie went on to score a season-high 24 thanks in large part to that strategy.

This all served to get me really excited about Thanksgiving 2012. If you hadn’t heard, UTSA will play TxState. BOOM!


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