Weekly Prophecy 2014: FAU

Hey guys. How about that bye week? After two weeks for Tucker Carter to heal, and a budding quarterback “controversy” that is more of a discussion (and a valid one) we are here ready to play FAU.

Let’s take a look at what the luminaries of UTSA fandom think:


Me, myself, I

Score: UTSA 31 FAU 27

Thoughts: FAU is tough in Boca. They don’t look particularly good this season, but CUSA is a weird beast. ODU was the conference darling against Rice last week and was taken apart by MTSU on Friday. Louisiana Tech had the WTF mantle after dropping a game to FCS Northwestern State as a follow up to beating UNT in Apogee.


Cooler Chronicles writer, podcaster, and current Austinite-in-training. Also known to be on Underdog Dynasty.

Score: UTSA 34-21

Thoughts: Give me a UTSA 34-21 win that doesn’t feel as close as the score shows. The offense doesn’t break out but they do show progression as UTSA rushes for a solid four yards per carry. FAU is talented on offense but UTSA shouldn’t have any problem containing them. Let’s gear up for a winning streak.


Tailgater, sometimes Cooler Chronicles contributor, lover of meats

Score: UTSA 34 – 17

Thoughts: After back to back Power 5 matchups, UTSA gets to face a CUSA opponent. Which means we get to play a CUSA level defense. It’s just what our struggling offense needed. I expect us to finally open things up on offense, and find some success in the passing game. Defense dominates up front and forces a few turnovers. UTSA in a rout.


Cooler Chronicles writer, former WAC blogger, Fort Worth-ian

Score: UTSA 32, FAU 17

Thoughts: Larry and the Cokernauts find themselves in Boca Raton, near where the
wily old Oklahoman head coach brought home a national title to the
University of Miami. Florida Atlantic, the latest entry on the UTSA dance
card, is struggling to find their identity after one too many late night
Pelini’s. Back to back payment games to Nebraska and Alabama was good for
their checking account but terrible looking on the scoreboard: Big Red(s)
96, Owls 7. A decisive win over floundering Tulsa looked good, but then
Wyoming showed FAU what poor clock management and ball control can do to a
young squad as they fumbled away a sure win late to the Cowboys in

I look for the Runner ground game to ignite for around 170 yards and make
the Owls anemic passing try to keep FAU in the game, and ultimately fail
against the salty UTSA D smarting from the 37 points given up to the
Oklahoma State offense in their last contest. Also, look for a heroic
effort by special teams play in negating field position in a hugely
cathartic road victory for UTSA in their first conference game in 2014.


Erstwhile Cooler Chronicles writer, man about a tailgate, MBA-having sumbitch, lover of pumpkin’ beer, admirer of Lynn

Score: OSU 31 UTSA 17

Thoughts: Even without their starting quarterback, OSU with their Big 12 talent controls the game.  Whenever they want players from San Antonio, they are able to easily pick them off, always beating UTSA.  Don’t worry, I will likely be picking the Runners the rest of the season.


Inside Runner Sports Person, grinder

Score: UTSA 34, FAU 27.

It’s been a tough go offensively for UTSA so far this season but I think they finally get rolling in this one by scoring at least three or four touchdowns. On the other side of the ball, I feel like FAU is going to make a concerted effort to rush the ball, which plays right into the strengths of the Hard Hat Defense. FAU will rack up some yards but the defense has shown their ability to prevent teams from scoring. FAU is a solid program and I believe the game will within about one score the entire contest.


Examiner writer, Aussie, journalist

Score: UTSA 24, FAU 10.

Thoughts: After weeks without access to internet I’m kind of out of the loop on this one. Of course as an Australian, you could argue I’m always out of the loop. To say that Florida Atlantic have not looked impressive is something of an understatement, but you know that 20-19 loss hurts. The key to UTSA will be if they used that week off to sort out the issues that have been such an issue. FAU could well be the team that helps UTSA get out of the issues, and I think they will, comfortably.


Man about town, CardinalHealth band member, Bar Owner, Gonzo in SA show person

Score: Give me UTSA 28, FAU 10

Thoughts: Mailing it in this week. THIS week, amirite?!


“What’s an FAU? Birds up. Give me UTSA 28, FAU 10”


Gonzo in SA, frequent Instagram-er of watches, shook hands with Dat Nguyen

Score: UTSA 41, FAU 13

Thoughts: I don’t know anything about ¿Florida Quién sabe? – But I do know these Roadrunners… I think.

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