Where the Home Boys At?

Where the Home Boys At?

Before I get started, check out the above photo.  It was taken back in 1918.  At that time the Alamodome was considered an architectual marvel and was deemed the eight wonder of the world.  By a large margin, it was the largest indoor facility on the planet.  Interesting story, Henry Cisneros’ father was born in Meeting Room H.  More famously, in one of it’s darker times, it stored Pee Wee Herman’s stolen bicycle in the seldom seen basement.

Now on to stuff containing a little less BS, just a little…

I had expected a bit more.  Our team looked a little flat versus Texas A&M Commerce, and our crowd size looked like they followed the team’s lead.  It was a win and the Runners first ever 2-0 start, but some concerns were raised, both on the field and around it.  How does a team have an opening of 57k one year and drop down to almost half that the next?  Not that anyone was expecting a sellout, but still, this attendance last year would have been among the lowest last season, outside of the infamous Halloween game (cue drunk coeds dressed like various sluts).

So where was everyone?  The student section looked strong.  Reports are we have more season tickets sold this year than last.  So that leaves one group, the casual San Antonio fan.  So it’s excuse time for T-shirt fan.  Here we go:

There were other games casual fans were more interested in.
While I hate this whole concept of competing with Aggie and Longhorn games, this actually might have some merit behind it.  Texas A&M was playing their first SEC game, quite a historic event, against the Florida Gators.  This game was played during the day, a direct conflict with UTSA taking on a different version of Texas A&M.  It was also a big day in San Marcos, the Bobcats coming off one of their biggest wins ever and opening their new stadium against a Big 12 school, Texas Tech.  It was the Bobcats coming out party against the big boys they have so wanted to be grouped with during their drive.  Sure they laid an egg, but the hype was pretty thick going into the weekend.  Then there is the ultimate T-shirt team, the Texas Longhorns, playing at home against the mighty Lobos of New Mexico.  Okay this one is dwarfed next to the others, but still another one on the list.  I hope to never wave (see what I did there) this excuse around again, but it was a special day for a few Texas schools, and well, we were playing a team in the Lone Star Conference.  Plus everyone knew they would get another chance to see the Lions when they return to San Antonio to play Incarnate Word at the beautiful Tom Benson Stadium.

I am going to save my money for better opponents.
Saw this one on the internets a few times.  Well, casual fan, I have news for you, there is nothing coming up that is going to knock your socks off (outside of TxSt).  Sure we know that Utah State, San Jose State are upgrades from last years schedule, but is anyone’s sexy meter going off for those (my meter is still going off from the costume coed reference)?  Not casual fan, that’s for sure.  If this is the argument, expect a cavernous dome for a directional school in Oklahoma.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed.  I was excited to hit up tailgating in the dome lots for the first time, and while that was a blast the lot was pretty empty through the morning.  I was surprised to see this especially in the first game coming off an exciting and historic win for the program.

I hope things get better, but I am not so positive it will.  I thought we had settled into a normal average of 32-33k, but expected it to be higher as the first game of the season.  If things continue this way it could be a light season until thanksgiving weekend.

Perhaps these are just growing pains, one thing for sure is next season will be better.  Oklahoma State, Houston and 1 or 2 CUSA Texas teams coming to the dome.  In the meantime, stay with us casual fan!

P.S. Lynn Hickey loved my shirt, so mission accomplished.  On seeing it, Dr Romo wanted to know where the I Love Romo shirt was!

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