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Whiteout for Okie State

Whiteout! Judging solely by my experiences at UTSA and Spurs games, I don’t know how well this will work out. Hell, the Spurs went and bought shirts for everyone to wear for games three and five of the Finals, laid them out and still the lower level snobs didn’t don the black shirts with the giant spur on it. Lames.

The school has tried a few Orange outs — vs Georgia State, Texas State, Minot State — and sold shirts to go along with it. It never has been as good as the Miami Heat, Penn State, or even OKC Thunder’s successful attempts. The stated attempt is to avoid a ton of orange and support for the road team. This is ridiculous. Aside from the gimmicky uniform change when Nebraska plays Wisconsin, they went regular uniform v regular uniform in the conference title game. It was awesome.

w v n

W vs N Big Ten Championship game.

Also, OSU is on that alt uniform kick that will likely have them wearing aluminum than orange anyway. I don’t hate the move but I’m not excited about it either. Guess I’ll go buy my white shirt, now.

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