Whose House? Runners House! UTSA 27- Houston 7

Guys. If you were in Houston’s new digs I hope you showered them with their own chant. They chanted that at the Bird Dome last year after stealing a 59-28 victory. Their vaunted and much-hyped (by this site, no less!) offense was declawed. Whether O’Korn was scared, Travis Bush was undone by scouting and familiarity, or just another season-opening bed wetting a-la 2012’s face plant against TXST is irrelevant. What matters is that UTSA started the first expectation-laden season with a huge win on national television.

As many pointed out on twitter, UTSA may have only a little under a half-decade of tradition, but that includes winning every opener.

More to come from CC’s own Jared.

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